The News

From the daily circulation newpapers, informational storm that floods us every morning with tragedies, trivialities, celebrities & political intentions, Guilherme Dable cuts out fragments. The cutting, though, does not respect any diagramming and violates the logic of graphic design, composition and discourse.

Then, the artist projects those cut-outs on the gallery walls and registers them manually with watercolor pencil strokes, only to smugde everything with sprays of water, subverting not only the industrial reproduction processes of print media (on its way to extinction), but also their clarity pretensions.

During the show’s visiting period, just like a commentary about the confusion of our saturated imaginary, the procedure is repeated, resulting on a scenario where there is no more distinction between form and content, figure and ground.

Drawing becoming more process than product.

Leo Felipe is a writer, journalist, curator, MA in Art History and Critic.